Passenger Rail

The 2013 transportation package includes money to bring passenger rail service back to Roanoke for the first time since the 1970's.


Expanded the scope of permitted retail competition for electric generation service.

Higher Education

Helping students of all ages earn more after completing certificate and degree programs offered by Virginia educational institutions.

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Virginia Senator John Edwards

The biggest challenge facing Virginia’s leaders is defining priorities. Should we allow the budget to be so skewed to tax relief for the few, that we compromise economic growth, education for our children and public safety? No, we should not.

It is fine to debate political philosophy, including the proper role and size of government and the level of taxation. But at some point theory must give way to the realities of the impact of the budget on real people and our future.

At some point, it becomes a matter of character and responsible citizenship.

Real leaders look to the future, and to the things we must build for, working from what our best values tell us are important including serving "the least of these."

Thank you for supporting me in the Virginia Senate, so I can help re-build the foundations of our prosperity and our quality of life.

Roanoke Group Strives to Keep King Dream Alive

"As time goes by, there are going to be few of us left alive who heard him speak." View the story.

Senator Edwards presenting Memorial Resolution to family of Elizabeth Bowles.

Op Ed: Seize the Opportunity of Marketplace Virginia

"Marketplace Virginia will also benefit businesses and individuals who pay health insurance premiums. Some 2 percent to 10 percent of health insurance premiums now indirectly support the uninsured. Hospitals are forced to shift unpaid costs to business and individual policy holders and others who do pay. Under Marketplace Virginia, those paying for their own insurance premiums will be relieved of the burden of indirectly paying for the care of uninsured patients." View the story.

Legislators Debate Contraception Coverage

"Religious freedom goes both ways," Edwards said. "It's not only your right to express your religious views, it's your right not to have someone else impose their religious views on you." View the story.

Edwards Pushes Stricter Laws Against Human Trafficking

"It's become a very serious problem, more so than people realize," Senator Edwards explained. The proposed legislation (SB 373), incorporating changes by State Senator Mark Obenshain, was sparked by an incident in Roanoke County. View the story.

Outgoing VT President Honored with Resolution

Senator Edwards read a Resolution honoring Dr. Charles W. Steger, who served as president of Virginia Tech for 14 years.

Virginia State Senator John Edwards of Roanoke

Senator Edwards reads the resolution
honoring Dr. Steger.

Lt. Governor of Virgina Ralph Northam, Dr. Charles Steger, Virginia State Senator John Edwardsards

(L-R) Lt. Governor Ralph Northam, Dr. Charles Steger,
Senator John Edwards.

Edwards Chair of Rules Committee, SWVA Gains Clout

Senator Edwards holds the bronze seal of Giles County, given to the office by Gerald Duncan, the Treasurer of Giles County.

John has been named as the Chairman of the Senate Committee on Rules, is back on the Education and Health Committee and has been named to the Senate Finance Committee. He also serves on the Senate Committee for Courts of Justice and the Commerce and Labor Committee.

Democrats will have majorities on all but two Senate committees. The Senate Finance Committee was expanded to 17 members , adding Senator Edwards, Senator Deeds and Senator Puckett. With these Senators on the Finance Committee, Southwest Virginia will have more clout.

Edwards Named Legislator of the Year 2013

The Virginia Chapter of the Sierra Club voted unanimously to honor Senator John Edwards with the Legislator of the Year Award, recognizing his outstanding public service. This year marks the first time the chapter has recognized members of the General Assembly with awards lauding their work in the Legislature. Download the Sierra Club's press release.

Passenger Rail Part of 2013 Transportation Bill

The transportation package passed includes money to bring passenger rail service back to Roanoke for the first time since the 1970s. Senator Edwards spoke with WSLS on April 30.
View the video and read the story.

The Story of the 2013 Session

Senate Republicans, for the second year in a row, worked to shift the balance of power to their favor. The Republican attempt to radically redraw district lines - in violation of the Virginia Constitution - ultimately failed. In spite of this negative start by the majority in the Senate, the General Assembly was able to pass an historic transportation hallmarked by compromise on both sides of the aisle.

Partisan manuevers regarding supressing voting rights, along with inaction regarding Medicaid expansion, tempered the successes in renewable energy and filling judical vacancies.

Read more in my detailed 2013 Session Report.


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